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Our EPOS system is built specifically for hospitality, offering all of the features, reliability and customisation that you need.


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Maitre'D is one of the most feature-rich and customisable restaurant EPOS Systems in the UK.

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                                          100% personalised screen designs and buttons

                   Using your brand colours, and logo, and any fonts, graphics, button size and shapes you like.

Customise screen flow and the way menus are built

for maximum effiency, helping your staff work faster and smarter.

Maitre'D offers hundreds of features that you can turn on, or off, for a system that is fully tailored to your daily operations and business objectives

Manage Employees

Track punches, manage wages, tasks, and schedules

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Manage Floor Plan

Manage wait lists and tables, maximize covers, and provide better service.

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Manage Accounts Receivable

Manage accounts, generate statements and invoices

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 Manage Cash and Deposits

Tools to track and audit money transfers and deposits, from the cash drawer, all the way to the bank

Manage Inventory

Control stock levels, costs, purchases, and production

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Reports Center

Hundreds of reports available to analyze any aspect of your business

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Loyalty Program

Increase sales, delight customers and dive deep into transactional data for customer insight.

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Manage Payments

Maitre'D is fully PCI compliant, and offers integrated payment processing, including credit, debit and gift

POS Screens

Our built-in screen designer allows you build and customize POS screens

Manage Promotions

Ever wonder about the ROI on last month's promo, or the coupon you mailed out to your top 10%? No need to wonder anymore...

Manage Deliveries

Take and manage delivery orders, drivers and itineraries

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Kitchen Display

Our CVM system boosts efficiency and saves you costs.

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Enterprise Solution

Tools to manage multiple locations and concepts

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Accounting Interface

Connect Maitre'D with your accounting application to save time and avoid errors

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Front Desk Interface

Connect Maitre'D with your PMS for greater efficiency


Maitre'D stores tons of information on your business,

and has a complete report center with hundreds of reports, that allows you to look at data in any way you choose and make more accurate and profitable business decisions.


Maitre'D works on virtually any hardware,

giving you the freedom to choose hardware, according to your business requirements and budgets.


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