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Table Service Restaurant
POS Software

Maitre'D's table service restaurant POS software helps you meet your customer's demands, from ordinary requests to extraordinary orders, Maitre'D is packed with features, to help increase table turns and restaurant floor efficiency.

  • Mobile POS solutions allow your staff to take orders at the table, and provide managers with remote access to manager functions for more efficiency

  • Wait staff can enter any customer’s specific demand with modifiers

  • Order “hold and fire” gives servers more control over the timing of each course service

  • Flexible options for customer check or item splitting

  • Floor management features

  • Integration with online reservation solutions (Opentable, ResDiary, Bookenda, etc.)

  • Integration with liquor control devices (such as Berg, BevCheck, Beersaver and Scannabar)

  • Fully PCI compliant integrated payment processing

  • Integrated gift card processing

  • Built-in redundancy means no downtime



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