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Quick Service

Point Of Sale Software

With Maitre'D's quick service POS software, you can serve more customers faster, track inventory and labor costs in real-time, and increase efficiency with an integrated Kitchen Display System.


All-in-one POS, complete with restaurant management features and reports

Maitre'D’s point of sale software for fast food provides a reliable POS for the busiest outlets. Customize POS order screens to minimize the number of steps for each transaction.

Here's an overview of Maitre’D’s point of sale software for fast food features:

  • Automatic meal deal detection guarantees that you’re offering the best possible value

  • Packing screen summary for take-away orders improves take-out order fulfilment

  • Mobile POS solutions allows to queue bust at the counter and drive-thru

  • Configurable tender keys ($5.00, $20.00, or promotions) for faster transaction processing

  • Food preparation forecasting help to better manage menu items that require longer preparation times

  • Maitre’D POS supports multiple drive-thru lanes to help increase the speed of service

  • Built-in redundancy means no downtime

  • Speed of service reports help to measure staff performance and productivity

Maitre’D Back-Office provides a complete suite of management features to manage your business:

Interfaces and integrations that further automate your operations:

  • Accounting and payroll interfaces

  • Online ordering solutions (Online Orders Now, Novadine)

  • Gift cards (Mercury, Givex, Fanbox, etc...)

  • E-commerce solutions

  • CCTV systems

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