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Enterprise POS Software

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Maitre’D e-Global offers an advanced enterprise solution

Maitre’D's restaurant enterprise pos software provides a set of tools for the corporate head office to effectively manage multiple locations, and multiple concepts or brands, including business intelligence and performance reports.

Here's some of what Maitre’D brings to business:

  • Web-based enterprise solution software allows users to access the software and reports from anywhere and at any time of day

  • Global reporting and drill-down capabilities reach all the way to the restaurant level

  • Category and grouping options make managing multiple concepts/regions/locations effortless

  • Ability to view settings for a specific restaurant or for a group of restaurants - comparison views help to identify differences at a glance

  • Enhanced broadcasting features let you make menu and price changes for any restaurant or group of restaurants in real-time, at the end of the day or at any custom date and time

  • Add, delete or modify a location, group of locations or concept on the fly

  • Database management allows the corporate office to help maintain norms for a variety of items, including recipe measurement, promotions, and new price changes, setting a positive example in every location to enhance your overall corporate image

  • Daily incremental off-site backups of complete restaurant databases ensures total reliability and efficiency

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