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CVM Kitchen Video Monitor


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Comprehensive, cost effective and efficient
The CVM Kitchen Video Monitor system sends orders to kitchen staff instantly. Fully customizable order display screens simplify order preparation, and decrease the average time it takes to complete an order.
  • Display up to 12 orders at a time

  • 18 different screen display modes, including split screens and summary screens (summarize by item, item and modifiers, selected items only, ingredients, or speed of service times)

  • Font, size and colors can be customized

  • Item consolidation and prioritization

  • 3 lines of remarks can be displayed with each order


  • Display client and/or seat numbers for each item

  • Display average order times on the screen

  • Display either long or short descriptions

  • Display the server, revenue center and mode with each order

  • "On the fly" feature will transmit items to the CVM as you enter them

Bump box features

  • 1-8 Bump keys

  • Split Screen Mode visually separates drive-thru orders from front counter orders

  • Summary Screen Mode displays orders and a summary box containing a quantity summary of all menu items from all orders on the monitor

  • Recall allows users to recall bumped orders (up to 100)

  • Preview allows users to preview orders in the incoming buffer ( up to 100)

  • Restore allows user to quickly return the screen to normal mode

  • Park/Status provides access to the Park, Recipe and Dashboard functions

  • Access the CVm Dashboard for additional functions. Real time service speed reporting, programming, re-direction and screen mode selections

  • Bump confirmation

  • Bumped orders can be "Un-Bumped" and put back onto the active orders screen

  • Bumped orders can be sent to another  monitor, or a network printer.


System features

  • Full touch screen support

  • Connect up to 10 CVM monitors to meet your specific operational needs

  • Ability to apply restrictions for access to the bump bar functions, as well as statistics, font size changes, and screen redirection

  • Display or print service times on a network printer 

  • Redirect any of the CVM monitors to a different monitor. This feature is useful when running multiple cooking stations during peak times and switch to 1 station during slow times

  • Ability to setup advertising screen savers (up to 10)

  • Item timing for fine dining. Ability to receive an entire order and then time and disperse items to their appropriate monitors based on the individual items prep time

  • Display recipes on CVM monitors, including graphics and prep instructions

  • Text messages can be sent to CVM monitors from the back office

  • Order Confirmation Mode for use in Drive Thru

  • Set the Target Time. If the elapsed time on an order reaches the target time, it turns bright red and begins to flash




CVM Utility - Back-Office Software

The CVM Utility programs was designed to offer a simple method of programming and maintaining the CVM video monitor system. The CVM Utility allows you to connect with, change, and store options for all CVM devices in the system. Each CVM can have its own unique set of options, including the ability to customize order display for each.


  • Access real-time reports on service speed information

  • Test feature allows to send test orders, switch screen modes, remove orders, and reset the CVMs

  • Screenshot feature allows to see an image to the actual CVM screen

  • CVM Dashboard default information can be personalized

  • VNC server built into the CVM's. Support techs can use VNC to connect with any CVM in your system.




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