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Maitre’D POS Integrates with LoyalMark Loyalty Program

Posted by Shannon Arnold

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May 6, 2013 11:48:00 AM

LoyalMark, an innovative global leader in loyalty card marketing, is now a Certified Partner with Maitre’D POS by Posera-HDX offering a seamless, reliable and technologically advanced loyalty solution for restaurant and hospitality businesses and their customers.

Thanks to the new Certified Partnership with LoyalMark which launched in early 2013, Maitre’D POS customers have a new option for an advanced, fully integrated loyalty solution.

Michel Côté, President at Posera-HDX, says: “The integration with LoyalMark allows Maitre’D users to further capitalize on the extensive sales data that lives in Maitre’D POS, and increase their sales. What’s great about Loyalmark is that their solution is a simple yet powerful marketing tool, offering lots of value for Maitre’D POS customers.”

LoyalMark provides its clients with the capability to implement customized loyalty programs and promotions designed to meet their specific marketing requirements. Clients can effectively target market to their customers based on buying behaviors and demographics via built in e-mail and SMS functionality with a solution that is affordable, easy to design, implement and manage.

“The combined feature rich capabilities offered by Maitre‘D and LoyalMark provide restaurateurs the most comprehensive marketing solution available today,” adds Mike Sorbara, LoyalMark’s President.

Jason Petrone, Owner at Maddhatters, a restaurant based in Grand Prairie, Alberta explains: “LoyalMark’s integration allows us to process our card program quickly and track effectively within our existing Maitre’D POS. The extensive training received and 24/7 customer support allow management to deal with any issues, while having no security concerns in our fast paced environment.”   

Thanks to this partnership with Maitre’D’s exceptional POS product, no external plug-in or web browser is required. Servers and cashiers simply scan the restaurant client’s LoyalMark loyalty card along with their credit card or cash payment in one single transaction.

About LoyalMark

LoyalMark, a division of KESM Transaction Solutions, Inc., has provided value-added electronic payment, gift and loyalty solutions for retail merchant clients of all sizes in North America since 2001. LoyalMark’s extensive marketing solutions are specifically tailored to address the needs and desires of their valued customers.  With offices in in Aurora, Ontario and Palm Beach, Florida the company specializes in Company Branded Loyalty card programs. A LoyalMark Marketing Solution can include full Loyalty Card Programs, Gift Card Programs, Mobile Solutions and Payment Processing capabilities. Customization services are powered by the highest level of technology and experienced staff. Find out more at www.loyalmark.com.

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