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Just a Reminder, we will be at RSPA 2016! Come visit us at booth 802!

Come visit Posera us at booth 802 at RSPA in Grapevine, TX August 1 and 2. We have exciting things to share with you! 



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Lure in Diners with Pokémon Go

 5Ip5v7RTSCVKMkUA47e5s-ByzSjVqdxUq1StVhXhE6s.jpgPokémon Go is exploding across the globe. It may be a short term summer 2016 fad or it could turn into a long term widely played social media game with a dedicated user base. Either way, entrepreneurs are already finding ways to bring Pokémon Go players into their bars and restaurants. We are going to give you some quick tips to help you to get started on doing the same.

First off, what is Pokémon Go and who is playing it? Pokémon Go is a new game for smart phones, based on a highly popular Nintendo® original dating back to the mid 90s. Which means it already has a built in user base of millennials. It uses a fairly new technology, called augmented reality. Augmented reality games blend the real world with the virtual world of the game by using real world maps and smart phone cameras. Users are encouraged to go out into the real world and interact with it in order to play the game.  The objective of the game is to find and catch Pokémon, train them, and have them fight other players’ Pokémon.

Why should I as a bar or restaurant owner care about Pokémon Go? Because it has inbuilt mechanisms to help you catch customers while they catch Pokemon. In the game there are things called “Pokéstops”. Pokéstops were randomly generated all over the world and use real existing businesses, and landmarks. Users are encouraged to check in at Pokéstops to receive in game rewards. Players can attached lures at these Pokéstops to lure in Pokémon. All players can benefit when a lure is placed at a stop, and you can see the Pokéstops in your area that have these lures attached.The player that put up the lure can be identified by anyone, which gives a restaurant the ability to give incentives to players that put up the lure. We are already seeing multiple examples of this. Chuck’s Hop Shop in Seattle paid for the lures at their location as a form of Happy Hour. The Ballard Loft in Seattle, Washington is offering 10% off for anyone that puts up a lure. The Meekong Bar is offering free items to anyone that posts pictures of Pokémon they caught in their business on Facebook.

Another virtual objective that has real world locations is called a Gym. Like the name implies, it’s a place where players can train up their Pokémon after they have caught them. Gyms are less frequent than Pokéstops, and draw large groups of players. At gyms, users will pick a team and battle for control of the gym, which increases the in-game rewards. Some bars are already offering specials based on your team. If your bar is close enough to a gym, a fun idea would be to offer a special to the team in control of the gym.

What if you have no Pokéstop or gym nearby? Well you already missed the initial rush, but do not worry as there is already a way to submit a request to add a gym or Pokéstop near your place of business. Some places are offering deals just by having players show that they are playing the game at their restaurant, such as Red Robin. Niantic, the company that developed the game for Nintendo has also announced that it will be allowing companies to create sponsored locations, so get ready for huge commercial tie ins. Pokémon Go is just getting started.




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Meet with us at the 2016 National Restaurant Association Show

Meet with us at the 2016 National Restaurant Association show in Chicago!

Here’s your chance to meet the staff at Posera. Schedule a meeting to talk about your point of sale needs, get information about our latest technology features, such as Pay at the Table (PATT), and get a glimpse of our roadmap for the future. We’d love to talk about where we are heading as a company and how that will benefit you, the end user. Register for a face to face meeting below.




You can also walk on over and check out our display at the BERG booth. Our representative will be showing off our integration with the new wireless Merlin product by BERG liquor control systems.

Click here for more information on how BERG and Maitre’D can save your business money.



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Comic Strip Live Saves Big on F&B Costs with Maitre'D's Bar POS

What do Jerry Seinfeld, George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield and Maitre’D POS have in common?


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Maitre'D Reviewed in PCMag's Best POS Software of 2016

If you read this post you know that we look at POS features in today’s market as important, but not the most important differentiators for same-class POS systems. Maitre’D is feature rich, and so are the best of our competitors. I made the case that what sets companies apart in a saturated market is far more than features—it’s service, credibility, training and more. Well, in one sense PC Magazine disagrees with me. They think features are very important. And they think that Maitre’D is the pick of the features litter. “Excellent” was their review of Maitre’D in the January 22 issue of the magazine.


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2016 POS Software Trends - And the Features Balancing Act

Accurately predicting and timing the adoption of new or enhanced POS technology is one of the critical crafts of the business, for us and for you. We both have to be ahead of our particular curves so when market demand rises, we’re ready to meet it. That demand comes from our customers: merchants like you. For you it comes from your diners and, sometimes, your suppliers.


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A Winning Strategy for Growing Profits Using Maitre'D POS

Discovery Coffee is a premier boutique coffee brand, sold in three cafes in Victoria, British Columbia. In addition to their retail stores, Discovery Coffee operates their own local roastery, serving both their own cafes, and the wholesale marketplace. They also operate a mobile van for events and other high-traffic remote locations. (And they bake their own pastries and doughnuts.)


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Full POS That Startups and Small Restaurants Can Afford

Sometimes it feels that a small restaurant has its financial back against the wall when it comes to your POS investment. Harnessing the power and functionality of mature and full-featured systems is an elusive goal to companies with limited funds to invest.


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Scaling Down IT Buzz for Independent Restaurant Operators

It’s October.


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The Shifting POS Software Marketplace

In a previous post, I shared the general observation that the POS software market has reached near-full saturation: nearly every restaurant has a POS system. I described how the nature of the POS market—which is still strong—has shifted from new installations to replacements and enhancements. Something else has shifted along with it: you buy differently than you used to. You’ve become far more strategic, far more knowledgeable, and far more problem-oriented than you were, say, 15 years ago.


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