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Accounting Interface


Our accounting interface links Maitre'D with your General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable solutions, which ultimately eliminates hours of manual data entry every week, and reduces the risk of making errors. With this interface, Maitre’D can automatically transfer information to accounting applications such as QuickBooks, AccPac, Fortune 1000, and Microsoft Great Plains.

How it works

The accounting interface creates files that are automatically imported to the accounting application of your choice. All divisions of point of sale, discounts, taxes, payments and inventory categories are directly linked to the appropriate accounts in your accounting application. The Accounts Payable interface links your inventory and purchasing modules to your accounting system.

  • Automatic transfer of account transactions from the Maitre’D system to your accounting application

  • Audit reports on data transfers


The Maitre’D system can also export labor management information to a third party payroll application, such as Automatic Data Processing (ADP) or Paychex. At the end of a pay period, and after all modifications are complete,  payroll information can be exported manually or automatically to Paychex/ADP. This feature creates a file that includes all required information and transmits it directly to the payroll application.



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