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Maitre'D Partner Program

Maitre'D has a multitude of partners including leading software, hardware, and service providers in the foodservice industry. Maitre’D is known for its flexibility and open architecture, allowing our customers to complete their Maitre’D POS system with the hardware, interfaces and services that best fit their needs.

Several interfaces have been developed to bridge Maitre’D with complementary applications. We are persistently expanding the choice of available interfaces to allow our customers to fully reap the benefits of automating business operations and creating even greater cost and time savings.

Part of our Quality Assurance team’s mandate is to test and certify equipment from leading hardware vendors to assure the quality and integrity of Maitre’D software when used with these devices.


Check out our online Partner Directory for a full and current list of certified partners

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Become a partner

By partnering with Maitre’D, you can be assured that your offering is certified compatible withMaitre’D Software Solutions. By getting certified, your company will benefit from greater visibility within our reseller channel and our customer base.

To find out more about partnering with Maitre’D, we’ll need to learn more about your company and products. Please select the appropriate category to proceed.